Taylor Young – WIOU

Taylor discusses his first fictional character, the news reporter Taylor Young on WIOU, a cancelled CBS drama from 1990 about a rundown news station and the people who give it life. Listen if you want to hear Taylor discuss the sexism of the 90s and network theme songs that “slap”.

Note: due to the content of the episode watched, sexual assault is mentioned.

Listen, if you want

Taylor Marie Hill: Neon Demon

On another solo episode, Taylor discusses the work of model Taylor Marie Hill in the 2016 Nicolas Winding Refn film Neon Demon. Find out what he thought about a movie that made Keanu Reeves and a cougar boring (spoilers: it’s not good).

Disclaimer: this episode features stronger than usual language and loose descriptions of disturbing things that happen in Neon Demon. Best to avoid this episode with Children. Or not, I’m not the cops.

Listen, if you want

JTT: I’ll be Home for Christmas Ft. Sam Wineman

Merry Christmas! We celebrate by bringing on Season 1 favorite Sam Wineman to talk about the Jonathan Taylor Thomas Christmas maybe-not-classic I’ll be home for Christmas and how Sam thought the mom was deaf.

To get a copy of Sam’s Christmas album and help fight aids visit tofighthiv.org/goto/samwineman and donate to his ride!

Listen, if you want